Major Business


The new single “Always On The Run” from Swedish psychedelic rock band Major Business. immediately punches out the gate, with exciting high-tempo vocals and a huge amount of energy. This bleeds into the track, building the beat and quickly ticking towards their next catharsis of sound. Smooth notes of guitar tease through the first verse in anticipation of the slap of the chorus, which is undeniably catchy and has a real fun sense to it, I only wish it was longer! 

The bridge builds throughout and it really is a song built to be played live, which this band have proved they excel at – Major Business made their debut at a Swedish music competition (Imagine Sweden) going straight to finals with the words “…the energy exploded and you became crowd favourites!” and have since returned to play Imagine Sweden Festival as a guest act, as well as many more over this summer. 

This single feels like it is just waiting to burst at any point, we can tell the insane amount of energy and effort gone into this, especially as it is a live recording. To feel the genuinity of the band losing themselves to the music, so fuelled up and raring to go makes for a brilliant sound. After all, the band call their own sound “Action-Boogie”, and it’s a pretty spot-on description.

After the second chorus leads into an instrumental section, it allows an appreciation of individual aspects of the band that press up against each other with standout drumming from Robert Mattson melding with guitar work from from Jesper Rafalski. Tied with the smooth bassline of Tom Regnell and is championed by lead singer Martin Lund, who powers through the single with outbursts of excitement and great range. 

The band’s debut EP “The Basement Bureau” was released in October 2022, alluding to their humble beginnings in February 2017 playing in a basement, outside of town in Sweden, called Torsberg that is translated to “Thor’s mountain”.

Bonding over blues music, and Swedish ‘Fika’, they created a new psychedelic rock sound from 00s garage rock and 60s nostalgic melodies. Following their debut, with their live series “Live at Tambourine Studios”, releasing singles “Binary Stars” and fan favourite “Flying Juvenile” earlier this year. 

The Band began recording for their debut album this November, which promises more additive, lively music from them, “Always On The Run” has just been released on 6th December and is available on all streaming platforms, accompanied by a video series on YouTube.