We review the new single from MARBL – Everybody’s Getting Married

Fighting against the expected path of life, MARBL releases her latest single ‘Everybody’s Getting Married’.

Paired with a music video to assist the story, the visuals show a bride walking down the aisle, only to reject the groom leaving him in despair as she runs away from the wedding back to the comfort of her sofa. The dramatics of the music video are quite comedic, but I do feel like this was the director’s intentions, mimicking the absurdity of the stereotypical life paths we’re all expected to follow.

The track begins with a picked acoustic guitar, and instrumentally, doesn’t develop much further than that. It feels very much like the bare structure of a modern American country song; gently picked acoustic guitar in a major key, a shuffle beat that creeps in after the intro, and decorations of the odd synth and electric guitar here and there above the music. In the chorus there’s a nice level of modulation that feels a little more exciting than the existing chord structures, and the lax ambience creates a daydream like feel, as if the artist is simply pondering this train of thought internally.

The lyrics are very literal throughout the song, and because of this, can sometimes boarder on the line of quite cheesy; “everybody’s getting married and I’m drifting against the breeze. Everybody’s having dinner, watching Netflix and having kids”.

Sometimes the thrill of having to decipher an artist’s work or having something open to personal interpretation can place the track on a whole new level, opening it up to the perspectives of a thousand more listeners, however, ‘Everybody’s Getting Married’ stays well within the line of literalism.

‘Everybody’s Getting Married’ is a perfectly fine track, but just lacks a bit of substance. Of course, the theme of fighting against what’s expected of you is something we could all take note of, but it just feels too tame and too unembellished to really ignite that spark in the listener.