We Review The New Single From Marc Gallagher – Sad Elephant

There is nothing quite like a sad elephant as those who remember the Disney film Dumbo will know. The beautiful acoustic playing in the new track Sad Elephant from Marc Gallagher is certainly reflective of the track’s title.

Gallagher presents a track that is both gentle and emotional with picked notes, steady piano, and background vocals to give the track a sleepy and warm feeling.

Gallagher’s vocals feel experienced and acknowledge issues he faces in his day-to-day life following his use of a machine due to obstructive sleep apnoea. The song has a very deep meaning and is reflective of the way Gallagher faces this new unexpected challenge for a man in his mid-20s.

It’s a song that feels so real and touches on the frailties of life. The Manchester-based artist has sorrowful but journeying vocals which are accompanied by the soft and melodic ukulele and give the instrument a different feel from what is usually a bright and uplifting string instrument.

His influences from Dodie are seen, but both artists have a majesty in capturing emotion through simplicity. Sad Elephant is a song that feels intimate and almost as if we know Marc and follows him in his new life. It’s almost as if Marc is inviting us into his private life and revealing a subject very personal to him that not many would know about.

In its entirety it is beautiful and requires not much music and not much diversity, the story it tells is truthful and is one of the most poetic songs heard this year.