We Review the New Single From Martin Leary – See Your Love

Heady and hypnotic, Glasgow songwriter Martin Leary pays homage to ‘90s alt-rock and indie on his latest single “See Your Love”, a release which continues a prolific run for the artist, and comes quickly off the back the soaring, string-driven “Waiting For”.

Where the optimism in “Waiting For” is much more obvious however, with “See Your Love”, it’s subtler, more understated, only revealing itself on repeat listens as one digs beneath the ever-building layers of atmospheric electronics, gentle guitar, and skittering percussion.

Indeed, though Leary purports the likes of Oasis, The Beatles and The Verve as influences, here at least, one might be better looking to the woozy likes of Slowdive, or perhaps Ian Brown at his most narcotic, though we mean this in a wholly positive way.

Of course, there is a certain degree of familiarity with “See Your Love”, or else such comparisons wouldn’t be possible. But instead of feeling like a carbon copy of his influences, Leary has succeeded in creating something that feels both beautifully refreshing, and reassuringly familiar; a marriage of ‘90s Manc swagger and elegant Scottish song writing that combines to create something truly greater than the sum of its parts.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however. Dig deeper into Leary’s back catalogue and you’ll find a songwriter that’s grown with each release, and though some feel a little more generic than others, most offer three or minute slices of some of the most interesting indie rock we’ve had the pleasure of listening to. An artist to keep an eye on, for sure.