We review the new single from Mat Hunsley – Backward Steps

The only direction that Mat Hunsley is going in with his new track is forwards. Back after an impromptu hiatus fuelled by burnout, Mat returns five years after his debut EP ‘To Being Free’ with his latest offering ‘Backward Steps‘ – and it feels like the songwriter never left.

Dusting himself off for round two, the track is a cinematic indie-folk track that addresses the harsh reality that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Detailing how hard it is to realise that sometimes the power is simply out of our hands, ‘Backward Steps’ conveys this important message perfectly.

Consistently being realistic throughout, the track explains how as humans we’re always trying to become ‘perfect’, and if this track isn’t a lesson that our imperfections are our perfections, who knows what is! Musically, the track comes across as playful with an adventurous rhythm that jives mainly from the pulsated drum beat.

A warm track that fits perfectly in Mat’s discography, the refreshing folk number is compelling and feels like a reassuring shoulder of comfort. If the new track is anything to go by, 2021 is the year of Mat Hunsley

It feels like Mat never really left us.