matilda shakes neon haze
matilda shakes neon haze


If you follow the Northern music scene, then the name Matilda Shakes shouldn’t be a mystery. The five-piece has been making a name for themselves around Yorkshire with a headliner at The Leadmill soon. In the meantime, the group is back with a fiery new single, Neon Haze.

With a Neon Haze one can get ideas of what sound is greeting them. As soon as it begins, Neon Haze is full of chunky psychedelic rock riffs with a desert rock twang. It gives the instant impression that Josh Homme had taken over the Arctic Monkeys and made them QOTSA two. However, the vocal deliveries are so much cleaner and striking.

The group describes themselves as indie rock and roll which is a much more suitable description. The rhythm progressions and fuzzy to soaring vocal stylings make for an intricate piece of rock and roll. Neon Haze is a short and snappy piece that packs a punch at an accessible 2:39. In that time the listener is treated to larger-than-life riffs, pounding snare hits, and vocals that hold the power of thunder in their hands.

As the chorus comes in, the track progresses like a classic Foals track and lets up slightly. The direction from that point on is certainly rock and roll. There’s an Americana twist in both the lyrics and beat. The second chorus is grandiose and would be expected to burst into something huge. However, it is given another verse break before finally breaking out to the finish. The tempo picks up and we’re riding this one out valiantly.

The short length of time does leave a slight bit to be imagined as the song structure is quite back and forth. The latter half of the track only teases at something new, but would certainly make for a good album opener and an idea of what Matilda Shakes are all about.

It would have been nice to hear the second chorus progress into something more divisive than the already cemented verse. The genre they look to be inspired by can become so much more instrumentally. There’s a dynamic vocal delivery and short track length to make for a great replayable indie rock song. However, I feel Matlida Shakes has the potential to be so much more.