We review the new single from Maya Isacowitz – Nature is My Hood

‘Nature is my hood, I’m alone but I’m good’. If the title of the song didn’t give it away, or the woodland backdrop of the music video, then the airy and mysterious aura will certainly tell you that Maya Isacowitz really does love nature.

This is the sound of her brand new single ‘Nature is My Hood’. This ethereal pop track is about as catchy as you can find in the charts these days.

Self-described as folk rock meets electro pop, it makes for a pop song with deeper layers of country-inspired vibes.

Its ambiance is radiated loudly through all 4 minutes of the song, emphasising tones of power, independence, and strength.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Maya show off her ability to draw you in with addictive hooks. It’s a talent the Israeli singer should not take for granted, and one that she should take advantage of.

When you watch the video that pairs with the song, you may find it quite excessive on the artsy side of things. It’s definitely not for those who find dancing around in the forest a bit over the top. However, it undoubtedly fits the single like a glove, and the effort from the people involved is commendable.

Whilst Maya may not be climbing the heights of the charts yet, there are undeniable ingredients there to give it a good go. ‘Nature is My Hood’ is out from today. Listen to it down below and let us know what you think!