We Review The New Single From Maystones – Shadow On My Soul

Capturing their love of indie rock, Maystones deliver a guitar-focused piece of work in their new single, Shadow On My Soul.

The group who hail from Bishop’s Stortford blend many styles of indie rock and Britpop with the full-on and filled-out guitar sound championed by Oasis in their later work along with the prolonged and snappy vocal delivery seen in Fontaines DC.

The deep vocal works melt into the rhythm section with guitars that just don’t give up on their encouraging chord-heavy riffs in the verse. The track seamlessly progresses into the chorus like the snap of fingers as the riffs move up a scale and the tempo increases. Unlike a lot of indie tracks, Shadow On My Soul has no need to slow things down.

There’s no awkward break to deliver a bass and drum-driven bridge with vocals to bring the track back in, instead, a slight increase in tempo is all that is required to maintain the warm wet sounds of the overdriven guitars and simple but effective lead riffs.

Whilst it may be a song of consistency and plays very safe in terms of repetition, from the world of indie rock it is effective in delivering a huge-sounding track that is both retro and modern. Retro sound and modern structures mixed with delightful harmonies in the chorus would make any radio station press play.

This wall of noise gives this reviewer delight in the standard of today’s British indie music.

The group’s self-titled EP drops on 9th December.