We review the new single from Megalodon Fried Rice – Bishop John

Cutting genre bending shapes out of twangy notation and 80’s rock. By being so overtly different Megalodon Fried Rice shines a light on the music that is inherently bred by Manchester as they have chosen to carve their own stone. 

The trio have styled out delving into the dark and glaring punk angst whilst keeping their honest persona in check. 

‘Bishop John’ gives us a sneak at what to look for when it comes to these three. The first single of their EP combines spoken word with psychedelic notions. There is a DIY messy bedroom feel with this track as the pouring of shaky passionate vocals are exposed as they call out the fictional Bishop John. Rhythmic drums lend a hand to the chaos all the way through the track. It felt like Megalodon Fried Rice were on a mission. 

At the peak of passion, the vocals seem like they are being shouted into a megaphone with a perpetual attitude as the lyrics are repeated back at you. There is a poem-like element within the band’s work that displays itself as storytelling. It feels like an archive diary entry where you’re scrawling words that might never come to light, your eyes are dark from the evil conspiracies your brain applies and your pen moves anatomically without the fragments of your mind realising. 

The whole song is protruding with ink smudged passive aggressive post-it’s to be heard and taken seriously. It’s demanding and impulsive with striking electric guitar tones leaving you no gaps to turn away. 

Megalodon Fried Rice has delivered a track that is frothing at the mouth with anger. “He’s that kind of wolf that would blow down your house of twigs.” Showers the song with imagery. Bishop John can do no right and even our inner child can reason with why. There is a deeply uncomfortable atmosphere breathed into each corner of this track. 

The last 30 seconds are screaming of stomach heavy spite. With lyrics dug from the depths of hatred beneath the ground, this whole song feels unwashed and deceiving. Megalodon Fried Rice is found to be lost in their emotion with an outpouring being how they find justice. Knowing there are two more singles to fulfill the EP, I’m intrigued to know the rest.