We review the new single from Mercury Machine – Remember

There’s an immediate orchestral grandeur to Mercury Machine; one that’s distilled into everything on their back catalogue. Remember, their latest single, continues that mission statement in solid fashion. 

With a heavy emphasis on glitchy synth, a solid rhythm, and the use of orchestral-like vocals, (even the lead vocals lean into a grandiose performance). It’s all in service to the name of the game, intensity. 

Starting off with the synth elements, they’re intense and complex, both traits that lend to a deeper and more powerful performance. The general rule of thumb, the more sounds, intricacies, and tones used, the higher the quality. But, Mercury Machine hasn’t just thrown everything at the wall in hopes of something sticking. No, it’s more down to critical attention to detail with these intricacies and where to layer them within the greater sum of the song itself. 

The drumming is another facet that’s part of the mission statement on hand. It’s carefully melded into the synth elements giving this almost ‘electronic drum beat’ to it. And before you know it, the two have merged into the same song component, these big drum beats that are distorted and become like a heartbeat. They’re there and something would be noticeably wrong without them, but you barely notice them on top of everything else compounded with it. 

Finally, there are the vocals. And these are the icing on an already detailed and spectacular cake. They’re very controlled and measured in delivery, bringing a more contained performance, rather than something that’s raw and full of emotion. It’s something much more akin to an operatic performance where the singer is hitting their lines and notes with purpose and accuracy. This can be contrasted to a lot of music where artists will pour themselves and their experiences into a track and let that emotion naturally bleed into a performance.

Mercury Machine makes Remember feel like it’s a different style of song composition altogether. Pushing something that feels full of purpose and power and living up to the Machine part of their name. It’s interesting to hear and will no doubt resonate with fans new and old as a fantastic part of Mercury Machine’s growing backlog.