Mercury Machine


The infectious sounds of Mancunian synth-rockers Mercury Machine return, and it does not disappoint.

Continuing to go from strength to strength, this latest track packs in all the punchy synth patterns and guitar riffs we have come to expect. The mind-bending fullness of their music is even more apparent than ever here, with seemingly endless power in their sound. Their combination of creating bigger and bigger sounds whilst always maintaining that DIY edge is becoming a trademark, and one they are determined to perfect.

Mercury Machine

Combining with Courteeners Joe Cross who takes on production duties, this track has a very Manchester feel to it. It combines the fierce indie riffs with those ever-lifting dance inducing synths, looking to nod to all era of Manchester’s musical past.

Hidden behind this sea of noise is actually a bleaker tale. Described as a story of being born to tough beginnings and desperately trying to escape through technology, it’s virtually the polar opposite to how it sounds. Perhaps that is the beauty of this track though, the fact it is so easy to get lost in its futuristic sounds, much like the story which lies within it.

Since their debut album release back in 2019 they have released a string of singles and EP, with each one seeming to top the last. If there is one worry with Second Life, it is that they may have finally found their peak. We wait eagerly until their next release to see if they can if fact top this again.

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