Manchester based indie-rockers Mercy Kelly present their new single ‘Maidens’ an anthemic take on British rock sounds of the eighties.

Like many bands that are inspired by this era, I always worry that it may be a carbon copy of what has come before – here it is clear this is not the case.

Mercy Kelly feel confident on the track, effortlessly fusing the chorus guitar sound reminiscent of The Cure and giving them a face-lift, incorporating elements of modern Indie-rockers such as Sam Fender – a combination which is executed well.

Mercy Kelly do an excellent job of retaining the listener’s interest, adding to the song piece by piece which leads to a colossal climax in the final third where the stadium-ready qualities of the track begin to shine with huge shouts from the lead vocalist and the whole band replicating this power.

I would have liked to see the singer draw more personality out of his performance and really let go, I think it could take future songs to a higher level.

Thes band are in the early stages of their career with only two prior releases, but are already laying down fantastic groundworks and presenting a sound that is easy listening, warm but still managing to keep interest through striking crescendo and Gerry Cinnamon-esc power.