We review the new single from Michele Ari – Explode

Aptly named, Michele Ari explodes through the airwaves, channelling a Blondie-esque New Wave sound. Bursting straight through with a rumbling bass, pounding drums, and what sounds like a cowbell feature, ‘Explode’ is a single that cuts straight to the point.

Ari’s vocals float above the murky mix of the instrumentals, giving the single as a whole a delicious retro feel, sounding like it could have been released in the hey day of its style. Two decades of experience behind the mic is on show in Ari’s impeccable vocal performance, stylistic delivery and earworm melodies that work in perfect harmony with the rest of the track.

‘Explode’ comes from Michele Ari’s summer record ‘New Page’ which was released as her fifth studio album. ‘New Page’ was created under the stellar tutelage of iconic musician, songwriter, composer and producer John Ashton – longtime guitarist for The Psychedelic Furs, and was recorded at High Winds Audio. Michele Ari’s latest single from the record ‘Explode’ examines the push and pull in our human connections with one another, and how the actions of one person can intensely affect the other. Feeling like you could explode with emotion, ‘Explode’ is the distillation of the sense of being overwhelmed by emotion, signified in the busy mix of sounds and instruments.

“People tell me they feel understood and heard when they hear my music and that is precisely the point. We all need to feel connected and like at least one person understands you,” explains Michele Ari, who has taken on the role of articulating intense human emotions through her music. With her new single ‘Explode’ she channels her own pop prowess, bringing a sound that is comfortingly familiar, and yet totally her own.