We review the new single from Midnight Chic – Can’t Get Enough

Attempting to keep the exciting grit of ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll alive, Newcastle four-piece Midnight Chic release their nod to the decade with their single, ‘Can’t Get Enough.

Launching with a choppy, stop/start drum fill, the first few seconds of the track certainly feel as if it’s building up to something a little more extravagant, however, when the tracks three-chord power riff comes to light the excitement wears thin fairly quickly. Though the band are allegedly known for their glam-rock influence, the whole vibe of ‘Cant Get Enough’ feels very much like a misguided, or at least, very early attempt at mimicking the genre.

The vocals, however, are performed with an air of attitude that holds the potential to really push the song into a flashier take on the genre but struggle to push their way out of the comfort zone in ‘Can’t Get Enough’, leaving them falling slightly short by playing it safer than they’re capable of.

The balance between the instrumentation feels as if it needs a little more attention; you have guitars drowning in gritty effects playing a seriously mundane riff taking absolute control of the verses which paint the atmosphere of the track before you really give it a chance. The production as a whole feels a little too dry for the style of music the guys are trying to recreate; obviously we’re not wanting a carbon copy of the greatest glam-rock hits but we need something with a little more attention to detail to get listeners to revisit an older, now less popular style of music.  

I’ve pointed this out with numerous bands before, but when mimicking a notorious genre, the balance between influence and individuality needs to be right, otherwise you’re just recycling old ideas that people aren’t fussed about anymore. Fair enough if you’re just having a jam with friends but if you’re trying to set yourself apart from the crowd then stop losing yourself in a genre belonging to a decade that passed forty-odd years ago.