We review the new single from Minerva – My Kind

Charged with teen angst, Minerva brings us her brand new single ‘My Kind’. 

Like any classic teen rock-pop song, Minerva sings about not understanding other people her age and not feeling like you fit in. Above all else this song can certainly be considered relatable. However, there are initial worries that Minerva is walking a tightrope with the danger of becoming overly generic.

In her own explanation of the song, Minerva says the single is ‘asking if there’s more to life than getting drunk at parties and falling in love’.

We’ve heard plenty of songs about that sort of thing, and it’s safe to say it’s worked for plenty of musicians. This time it’s combined with distorted, gritty guitar and emphasised vocals, with a standard and solid backing of drums and bass. 

Packed into a short three and a half minutes, Minerva uses it wisely to show off her musical ability. Still, a student, studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, Minerva still has plenty more to learn, but her musical maturity shines through in ‘My Kind’ and shows great promise.

With plenty more to come from the British singer-songwriter, Minerva plans to go from strength to strength, and it’ll be interesting to see what her next moves are for 2022.

If you want to check it out yourself then give ‘My Kind’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!