Latest single “Morality” from UK indie-pop artist MIRI is a delicately formed and graceful tune combined with strongly optimistic and courageous lyricism about standing your ground. 

Starting off with soft acoustic passages merging with tranquil piano notes MIRI intricately weaves an instrumental that sounds completely exquisite. Sounding pure and genuine musically, the vocals on “Morality” are untampered with and genuine as MIRI sings candidly about her experiences with emotional abuse giving an unapologetic survivors perspective.

Boldly standing her ground and unwaveringly telling her story and encouraging others going through the same thing to empower themselves MIRI’s lyricism both touches the heart and inspires the listener. Her unfiltered and tender vocal approach only adds to the strength and force MIRI embodies in “Morality” as she remains authentic and powerfully vulnerable. Through listening to this single, it’s easy to hear how MIRI is someone who plays a strong role in community activism as well as being a talented musician.  

For listeners eager for a soulful pop track that tackles an emotionally heavy subject with serene vocals and elegant melodies “Morality” is certainly a track that’s sure to appeal. It is exciting to imagine what MIRI will create next as she has proven that she will automatedly pave her own way in the music industry.  

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