We review the new single from Monet – S.W.C.

The deep soothing undertones of acoustic guitar capture a moving piece by Monet in their latest single, S.W.C.

The mood is kept sombre both instrumentally and the vocal tones provided by Monet. The lyrics focus on what could have been with the title being an abbreviation of ‘should’ve, would’ve, could’ve’.

Whilst the pace of the song doesn’t change much, it keeps heartfelt throughout with the guitar tones feeling deep and bassy in places and yet warm and comforting higher up the scales.

S.W.C. was recorded at 301 studios in Australia and there are certainly sunset imageries at a beach like the track’s artwork presents.

There are harmonies here and there that we feel like there are two people in this story, perhaps who Monet is singing about.

It’s a consistent track full of emotion and listening to this track at night just hits different.

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