We review the new single from Moontwin – Around and Around

If we had to describe Moontwin’s new single ‘Around and Around with one word it would have to be imaginative. Weaving through an array of different genres that you think wouldn’t be able to work but do, the new single from the duo is bathed in Motown, alternative rock and dream-pop sensibilities.

Based between Cornwall in England and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Moontwin state that they’ve been creating music for years before working remotely became the ‘norm’.

Describing the story of coming to terms with the inevitable emotional and physical changes that come with age, the track explains how bittersweet growing up truly is. Looking back on yesteryears and how quickly time has passed, ‘Around and Around’ explores these important themes down to a tee.

Musically, you could hear this track on a BBC comedy-drama like Killing Eve. The perfect soundtrack to when you’re walking through town with your headphones in while feeling at your ‘coolest’, Moontwin’s new single is psychedelia at its best.

Extremely fashionable and groovy from the very first note, ‘Around and Around‘ is like the outcast kid at school that ends up being a millionaire.