We review the new single from Moxon – Meet Me In The Bathroom

Sheffield-born, South London-based solo artist Moxon served up a New Year’s Eve single with ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’.

The three-minute track is the musician’s third release of 2021 after May’s ‘No Chances’ and ‘Flying High’ back in the summer – continuing that brand of indie chill he’s explored so far.

‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ has Moxon (real name Jodan Lee Moxon) utilising groovy beats, dreamy synths, spiralling guitars and loop pedals. Backed by a deep bass line, the singer regales the listener with a rather hazy tale of his evening -including corner shop booze, house parties and raves – not to mention the morning after the night before.

“’Meet me in the bathroom’ is where it all goes wrong”

Vocals are laid back and light – including a cheeky Yorkshire twang – Moxon appears to bring a much more conversational vibe than he has before. This almost sprechgesang technique feels like chatting to a mate – reinforcing the relaxed, yet relatable ambience of the track.

A beautifully mellow indie earworm of a single.