We Review the new single from MrrrDaisy – Hunny

This new track comes from the Spanish-born Ghanaian MrrrDaisy, and is jam packed with all the different wonderful sounds you would expect from someone who has experienced the full range of music he has.

Now based in Nottingham, this blogger/musician/publicist has many strings to his bow, and he brings them all together brilliantly in this newest release which features vocalist Kudjoe Daze. An Afro-Fusion piece, it struts along confidently, allowing the deep, brooding vocals of Daze to really come to the fore, and at no point feels overproduced or forced.

At its heart Hunny is the tale of an unlucky-in-love man who has fallen for a girl he is convinced is out of his league, but you could be forgiven for not quite picking that up. With only a minimal about of English throughout, MrrrDaisy really highlights his roots, as the vast majority is sung in Ghanaian local language. Don’t let that put you off at all though, as the language hardly seems to matter as you become lost within its beats.

There has already been talk about the ‘infinite number of possibilities’ going forward for his company and their music, and with this ability to mix together cultures with such originality, infinite is definitely right. In times of such angst and confusion, this skill of bringing together sounds from all over the world to make something so good feels more important than ever. Best of luck to him with whichever route he takes next, but one thing is for sure, it will not be boring.