Manchester music has a name that’s tied very much with the indie and Brit pop scene. “Madchester, Oasis and The Stone Roses are very much still a component within the DNA of most of the bands that hail from here.

Imagine the surprise when Manchester trio “My Only Solution” fell into our lap.

Surprise in the best way possible. The Nu metal and post grunge scene isn’t all that new anymore. There’s echoes of people still playing their favourite Hoobastank and Linkin Park tracks but Nu metal seems not to exist as boldly past the mid 2000s.

These lads have decided to chuck that statement out the window entirely to bring us a beautiful tune full of melodic guitars, passionate and delicate vocals, breakdowns galore, dashes of electro, and a bucketload of well-crafted drumming to accompany it.

It does genuinely feel like it belongs with very strong mid 2000s contenders and I know the scene for this kind of music still exists in the hearts of anyone who’d dare to refer to themselves as an elder emo.

I imagine they aren’t the only ones breathing life into this genre again and this almost American alt metal sound isn’t a style that comes out of Manchester. We don’t get this kind of breakdown and drumming style often at all, but these lads have absolutely hit that formula on the head and then some. It’s nostalgic, well put together and has glimmers of bands that likely they grew up on themselves.

Their release show at The Peer Hat, Manchester on the 18th March should be a clear indicator of them kicking off a northern nu metal revival. TICKETS HERE