We Review The New Single From Nadeem Shakir – ‘Drive Me Home’

With an aesthetic that bridges the gap between the classic and the contemporary, Manchester-based solo artist Nadeem Shakir harbours a sound that takes influence from songwriting greats such as Bob Dylan, and provides a distinctly modern flair more akin to the likes of Bruno Mars. The result is catalogue of tracks that bristle with a warm summer breeze and that celebrate life, its peaks, its troughs, and everything in between.

The latest addition to said catalogue is the recent single ‘Drive Me Home’. Understated and somewhat removed from the bombastic pop of the previous single ‘Sunday Night’, it’s four minutes of gentle guitar and keys, the subtle percussion providing additional texture to the track’s polished pop production.

Written about Shakir’s best friend passing his driving test, before evolving to be about friendship as a whole, the track has a gentle, meandering feel that only picks up towards it’s final third. Much like the drives in which the lyrics reflect, there’s a sense of forward motion in the track and the narrative both, subtle as it may be.

The addition of Shakir’s sister on backing vocals helps to keep ‘Drive Me Home‘ feeling fresh too, and is a welcome addition in the track’s final minute. Indeed, the only criticism one might levy at the track, is that it feels somewhat tame in comparison to the aforementioned ‘Sunday Night’, and could benefit from a little more conviction throughout.

That said, it’s far from a bad track, and though gentle and meandering in its nature, the feeling of summer evenings and cool breezes the track conjures are more than welcome. A solid effort from an up and coming artist worth keeping an eye on.