We review the new single from NALGO BAY – Taxi

Opening with a quirky vocal expression that showcases the personality of NALGO BAY, we soon get to grips with their new single ‘Taxi’. Summer Indie Rock with an infectious energy, ‘Taxi’ is driven by the guitars and vocals.

Describing the all too relatable scenes of a night out gone too far and the classic questioning of the taxi driver on your way home, desperately trying to seem sober. The standout feature of this single has to be the humour and personality that shines through the lyrics. “Oh, where’s my mango chutney in the curry house at 5am”. Delivered in an unapologetically Northern accent, NALGO BAY are proud and bold and it is utterly compelling. Driving layered vocal harmonies on the riff elevate this song and really make the chorus shine.

Taxi’ is a simply arranged song, and isn’t overly innovative but is a thoroughly enjoyable listen. There is something intrinsically Brit Rock about this single, from the subject matter, style of humour and tone of the guitars. Hailing from Cayton in the North East of England (home of McCains Oven Chips), this fiery hook-driven Alt-rock band have been grabbing our attention since the release of their debut single, ‘Amsterdam’, released earlier this year.

NALGO BAY place their music as sitting comfortably alongside Snow Patrol, Deaf Havana ,and Florence and the Machine. This comparison is definitely not far off, and makes for comfortable listening mates. ‘Taxi’ is made special by the firm injection of fun and charisma, which is just as important as the guitars and vocals that carry this song.