We review the new single from Namsakē – Dad Shorts

Making it impossible to miss the rebellious tone of the track, that you can get from the cover art alone, Namsakē bring you their new single ‘Dad Shorts’.

Vivacious and confrontational, there isn’t a moment where you can’t feel the emotion brewing in the sound. The band doesn’t hold back in getting the heavy lifting underway, as the song is explosive from the word go.

The weight of feeling coming from the track is carried by the brooding vocals in a major way. During the verses, you get a sense that a lot is being held back. But, as soon as the chorus hits, it’s all let loose. It does a pretty decent job of not keeping everything too constant, and gives the listener a chance to catch their breath.

In spite of the impressive utilisation of emotion, at points, I felt the track was slightly confused musically. It seemed to flitter between full-on rock, pop-punk, alternative, and the odd bit of indie.

Fortunately, these genres aren’t exactly worlds away from each other. I still couldn’t say exactly what sound the band was going for though.

This is only Namsakē’s third single to be released on streaming platforms, and I reckon as they release more and more we’ll get to see exactly what sound they want to create. Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait for that, so I’m sure you can catch them live up and down the country at some point instead.

If not, you can give their tunes a listen down below!