We review the new single from Nara – Up The Walls

A transfixingly off-kilter track from Manchester rockers Nara, which tos and fros with its post punk / new wave inspired mix of sounds to create a truly enthralling track.

Right from the off Up The Walls introduces itself as a track which is going to break down convention, with a glittery indie guitar riff becoming distorted and breaking down into a quicker, more energic and harder hitting rhythm.

Speaking of the message behind the song the band have talked about a number of different influences hidden within it, with everything from controlling an addictive personality to British global arms deals playing a part in shaping the sound, and that sense of post-adolescent confusion, anger, and existentialism is present throughout. The anger is there in the fierce vocals, drugs and riffs, with the ebs and flows of the melody giving it a real sense of depth and confusion.

The way the whole is put together so masterfully with an seemingly everchanging energy is what sets it apart from being just another angst fuelled post-punk record though. Midway through it seems to have tired itself out, dropping out almost entirely, before spending the remainder slowly building and building, recharging its batteries, and finally reaching crescendo once more for the final burst of passion.

This is a track full to the brim with emotion. Its real, its raw and it doesn’t shirk in presenting itself to the world. These boys aren’t afraid to bare themselves fully in their sound, and it will take them a long way. Lets hope for more from them soon.