We review the new single from New Town – Sail Away

Scottish four-piece New Town give us a generous dose of euphoric indie pop with their new release ‘Sail Away’.

Hailing from the ‘new town’ of East Kilbride in the greater Glasgow area, this certainly explains where they got their name. But their sound is an interesting contrast of upbeat indie against a background of grey skies and rain-sodden streets.

Sail Away’ is three and a half minutes of anthemic rock that builds and climbs into a track both fitting of the big stage and your headphones. Packed with lush chiming guitars, sparkling synths and snappy drums – it’s immersive and atmospheric – brought together by some stunning lead vocals courtesy of singer David James. Sincere, with an echoey accent-inflected delivery – there’s a mellowness to his voice with just that hint of a bittersweet bite. Rather fitting as this tune’s lyrical theme ain’t quite as rosy as it’s sound.

James explains “This song is about what everybody else thinks of your relationship. It’s about knowing some things are bad for you but you keep going back despite what others might think”.

With lyrics drawing the line between optimistic and conflicted, there’s a rose-tinted acceptance of choosing to see only the good despite the bad.
“So sail away with me / Fuck what the others see / We’ll twist and turn into something only we believe / And I see nothing but rainbows in my mind”

Catchy for sure. And relatable with a sure-fire sing-a-long quality – it’s definitely one for those who dig bands like Stereophonics and fellow Scots Travis. But with an EP release on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see where the New Town lads go from here and whether they’ll venture outside of the anthemic indie rock sound. Worth keeping your eyes and ears open.