We review the new single from Nisa Pasha – Godfather

Chicago-based hip hop artist Nisa Pasha talks love, loyalty and lies in her song ‘Godfather’.
The American-Albanian rapper brings an eclectic mix of stinging trap beats, Spanish guitars and mafia-inspired pop culture references to the three minute track.

Switching between English and Albanian lyrics throughout, Nisa tells of being ‘blinded for love’ and let down in a relationship – only to finally take a stand. “There’s no more love left for us this time / I said it once / I said it twice / Three times my word its gotta suffice”

With fiery vocals from the artist – both distorted and bitingly unapologetic in places – there’s a nod to the song’s title with references to 1972 film ‘The Godfather’ – a cautionary tale of the Corleone family and not making promises you cannot keep. “Yeah çdo Corleone ka nevojë për nje consigliere (Yeah every Corleone needs an adviser) / Turns out you’re Barzini”

It’s through this clever lyricism that Nisa reveals the true colours of her lover, who despite being someone she loves more than herself, just isn’t to be trusted. A newly released music video showcases the feisty hit – complete with cool cars and a masked mystery man.