We review the new single from No Vacancies – This Feeling

No Vacancies are proclaiming to be turning heads across Manchester, and they’re doing it one single at a time. This time, it’s the rousing new single ‘This Feeling’.

A raw and decisive bassline makes a statement immediately at the beginning of the song. This is the first sign of No Vacancies’ aim to ‘bring back that meaty rock sound that seems to have been lost over recent years’. 

However, it seems this bassline is the ‘meatiest’ element of the track that we get. The heavy feel is dampened by the sharp, treble-dominated guitar sound and the melodic indie vocals that seem just a tad too cliché.

It seems relevant to make the point that the band should not get caught up in thinking they are bringing back a sound all by themselves. 

Instead, they should focus on what they can do, and try to improve with each and every song. The way they flow through the song is effortless, and the fast-paced, catchy nature of the chorus leaves a strong impression. There are some real positives to take away from this release.

No Vacancies also have renowned producer Al Groves to thank for the high production quality of the track.

Looking forward, if they want to really make a name for themselves both in Manchester and further afield, the band should keep moving forward to improve their game step by step. They’re moving in the right direction, and now it’s about sticking with it.

Give ‘This Feeling’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!