We review the new single from Noise Blossom – Live Loud

San Diego-based rock band Noise Blossom have just blessed us with their sophomore album ‘Louderage’ which includes explosive new single ‘Live Loud’.

Originally intended for their debut record (2018’s ‘Engage My Nervous’), ‘Live Loud’ was revisited by singer/guitarist Michael Mullens earlier this year. After re-recording vocals he was happier with, a new life was breathed into this track.

Running at just under 5 minutes in length, it lyrically captures that feeling of wanting to express yourself utterly authentically and unapologetically. “But I want to live loud / I want to see the sound / I want to drown”
Mullen’s voice evokes a certain Robert Plant-esque quality as it wails and soars throughout the track with echoing reverb.

“Rattle the cage / Wake the dogs / Face the beast / Feel intensity / Take a new step / And utter words you fear the most”. There’s a real sense of living life with no hesitation or regrets and just jumping right in.

In terms of sound, Noise Blossom pay homage to bands such as Soundgarden, Tool and Led Zeppelin – all clearly musical inspirations.

Sparked by a moody Rage Against The Machine opening and buzzy bassline courtesy of Travis Velasquez, John Kerhulas also gives us sharp punchy drums which cut through as electric guitars climb and spiral intricately (including a particularly strong solo at around the 2.45 mark).

Live Loud‘ is a solid, sonically pleasing rock track, a snapshot of the band’s potential and a reminder to live life at full volume.

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