We review the new single from North – Recovery

What starts as a gentle acoustic ballad but gradually develops into a five and a half minute journey across a layered soundscape, ‘Recovery’ is the hot off the press debut single from the new aptly named North Manchester outfit North.

Whilst almost 6 minutes is certainly not a typical length for a debut single, as you listen through this track you’ll be pleasantly pleased to find that you don’t notice the length too much.

North casually weave you through sounds, with ear-twigging guitar licks, booming bass tones, and interesting percussion, you can’t quite seem to guess what you’re going to get from ‘Recovery’. It’s a display of the thought that the band have clearly put into the track.

This serves the Manchester three-piece well in showing off what they can do, but on the other hand, it leaves you slightly confused about what exactly they’re going for. The best guess I could make would be a folk-rock group with a bit of Manchester twang. Yet even still I think North could aim to be a bit more direct with their sound.

Nevertheless, this is just a debut single and we have plenty more to see from the band. With an EP already in the plans to be released later this year, North have started themselves a buzz as a new Manchester band to keep your eye on.

You can start by showing them some support and giving ‘Recovery’ a listen down below!