Alt-rock 4 piece band Novustory are based in Blackburn where they record their songs in their own custom-built studio, fostering their sound which has been compared to the likes of Yonaka or Royal Blood. The band worked hard to be where they are now, camping their way through Europe having completed 4 EU tours and they have no intention of stopping there.

The band will be releasing their newest single « Love Me Too » on the 11th of February which holds a double meaning to the band as it symbolizes love and heartbreak to the one member as well as the struggle the band has faced as a whole in terms of making a name for themselves in the music industry. This powerful plural connotation will therefore allow listeners to relate to the lyrics in their own personal way and create their own story line based on their personal experiences all related to the « love me too » feeling that we all face at some point in our lives.

The band has high hopes for this track which has been recorded with Cecil Bartlett (Biffy Clyro/U2) and vocally assisted by Stevie Lange (Nothing But Thieves/Rita Ora). This sound qualifies as a unique blend of genres fluctuating between pop and alternative rock. It can be interpreted as a wave of emotion giving into raw, sensitive feelings which then pick up the pace and turns into powerful, strong emotions as the lead singer transitions from soft melodic verses to a strong felt chorus.

The crescendo style allows the band to create a build up throughout the song and heighten the suspense just before the chorus supported by a polyrhythmic layering of the piano, clean electric guitar guitar and drums. The chorus itself symbolizes the pinnacle moment of the song – it withholds a rock kick which uplifts us as well as finding a way to unleash emotions berried deep inside of us. In a way, this song has the power to unlock a certain sensitivity in each listener just by listening to the melody and lyricism. The last chorus represents the culmination of the song as the lead singer really pours her heart out, but it is also very rock n’ roll which gives her vulnerability a twist. 

The lyricism and melodies are raw and personal though uplifting and empowering. At the start, the singer drifts between high pitched to head voice sounds in such an effortless way, however as soon as the guitar comes in, she is able to push her voice diving into rocky sounds which brings the listener to a new level of high. Coupled with backing harmonies, this combination adds melody and texture to the track.

The production also incorporates a couple of transitional breakdowns characterized by the sound shutting down for a split second – allowing the listener to catch their breath and build even more suspense around what is coming next. All in all, this song features a wave of antagonistic emotions though transforming heartbreak/pain into something more powerful – strength, bravery and coriaceous feelings which leaves us to believe that vulnerability and strength might well go hand in hand.