We review the new single from Ocean’s Avenue – Overdo$ed

Pop punk is quite often thought of as being very American, but here to get the UK pop punk scene thriving is Isle of Man band Ocean’s Avenue with their brand new single ‘Overdo$ed’.

Instantly recognisable crunchy pop punk guitar tones take you straight into the song and set the ball rolling. It’s followed by three and half minutes of upfront verses and a series of infectiously catchy choruses.

The introduction of a dollar sign does not provide too much confusion over what this song is about. It’s not impossible to guess. As the band explain themselves, the song was ‘written after seeing a friend leaving a toxic relationship which resulted in turning towards alcohol and drugs… it carries relatable images of hitting rock bottom, trying to get over someone.’.

There’s no questioning that Ocean’s Avenue have nailed the classic pop punk sound to a tee. 

However, there is a dangerous side to this achievement. The song leans on the edge of sounding too much like much of the pop punk that has come before. If Ocean’s Avenue lean too far this way then they run the risk of losing too much of their identity and struggling to stand out.

You can only hope they strive to keep putting their originality into their music and bring us more exciting tracks.

With an album in the works, we should look forward to hearing from Ocean’s Avenue!