October Drift - Cropped Artwork for Demons


Lyrically, sonically, and structurally, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking about ‘Demons’, the new single from Taunton band October Drift. The track is reminiscent of so many great post-punk tracks that it has an instant appeal. You have to admire anyone who can pull this trick off. Making a track sound like it’s been around forever whilst not ripping anyone off has to be the ultimate goal right?

So what about the track then? Well, an ever-so-simple synth riff hooks you in straight away and sits perfectly over the massive backing track. It’s a wonderful blanket of fuzz guitar, think Kevin Shields and you get the picture, driving bass and drums that are so obvious and so simple but yet so perfect for the track. Anything else and this would have been in danger of sounding pompous or calculated even. I’m not normally a fan of post-punk performative vocals, more often than not they’re a messy, embarrassing cringe fest but thankfully there’s none of that here. The vocal track works exactly as it should.

By keeping it simple October Drift have produced a perfect piece of post-punk pop, if that’s your thing you need to check them out, you’ll be glad you did.

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