Freshly released today is the latest offering “Blame The Young” from October Drift.

Self proclaiming they don’t fit into any scene that is something that is clearly apparent throughout the song. With a mix of punk, rock, indie; I wouldn’t say it’s a unique sound, but I haven’t heard a lot like this in recent years.

From the start you get a stripped back, simple sound. Kind of like if Jarvis Cocker and Joy Division collaborated.  The vocals are delivered with a regimental flow, clear and concise.  There’s no surprises. Well crafted lines backed by a simple rhythmic guitar hook that sets the pace over the first verse.

Each verse brings another layer. It’s a tried and tested method of songwriting but that’s not to say it always works. Sticking to the formula could end up sounding cliche, but October Drift do this right.  Each layer is subtle, adding a slither of dynamic to the sound each time around until you get hit by the crescendo of the chorus.  At this point it sounds huge. It’s expected with all the building up but still a vibe when the chorus hits. And so the song goes until the final calm before the huge finish.

Lyrically the subject is a strong, timeless one.  In their own words Blame The Young is “a song about denial and the temporary comfort blanket it offers.  Blaming others or denying realities as a defence mechanism in an attempt to avoid stress and anxiety, but which in turn ends up causing more”.

They have written this in a way which doesn’t touch upon any current affairs as such but it covers real life issues which will mean that this song should remain relevant whichever year it is heard for the first, or even the millionth time.  An anthem for many years to come to those who it will resonate with.

I can already imagine the song being the encore song for the band in a stadium setting. I can imagine the voices of tens of thousands of people singing this back. And it would be on par with some of the experiences I have had seeing some of the biggest names in rock in such situations. Capturing that in a studio recording isn’t easy but October Drift have managed it.

In fact I can imagine this being the encore song in any live situation, it has that kind of enegy you need to have the fans leaving the venue with that ear worm, still singing that chorus as they walk down the streets in the sense of euphoria that a well put together show can give you.

I have to admit this song transported me back to the early 2000s. It’s almost like this song was already released back then, it could have quite easily been one of the summer anthems, up there with the likes of the Stereophonics and Arctic Monkeys.  For a song to stir up some great memories from some great times that happened decades before it was actually released say’s it all.

Production wise it just about carries itself.  The vocals are perhaps a bit too overpowering in the mix and the bass and treble seem to be lacking.

The chorus is lacking that real thump from the low end.  I have listened to it through various speakers mostly resulting in the same, it can sound a bit washy on some lofi speakers.  This could be elevated that little bit more with that touch more high and low end.

And the one thing that probably bugged me the most?  I wish someone would have tightened up that snare, give it a bit more snap.  It has a very loose sound to the snare, or maybe it is just down to that lack of treble in the mix.  This, however, just like the song itself is purely subjective and saying that about the production is really splitting hairs as despite all that, this is a very solid offering and one that October Drift should be proud of. An anthem for the masses.