We review the new single from ODEONS – Level Playing Field

An electronic-rock-pop mash of noise, Finnish duo ODEONS bring us their new single ‘Level Playing Field’.

The opening of this song will convince you pretty quickly that the duo don’t know how to turn the volume down. I only say this because it begins at full-force, as if they chose to start the song at the halfway point. In their own description, they described the song as ‘a high-energy pop banger’, and they’re not wrong.

Eventually, things calm down and you’re allowed a breather.

Once you get over the intensity, and start to take in the melody, you realise how much of an earworm the chorus is. Even if the track isn’t necessarily your thing, I promise that the hook will be bouncing around your head for a good while.

I can’t say that you’ll know what the hook is about though. Despite the pair claiming the song is about ‘the burning desire for playfulness, cooperation and equality’, and though this is channelled through the bouncing quality of the music, it’s a struggle to feel it coming through the lyrics. What playing field needs to be levelled exactly seems a slight mystery.

Nevertheless, ‘Level Playing Field’ could still inject a shot of energy into your day in a heartbeat. If there’s one thing the Finnish duo can clearly achieve, it’s making a lively song that could get in the mainstream charts without question.

‘Level Playing Field’ is out now for you to get your ears around! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!