We review the new single from O’Halloran – Future (Sooner)

Euphoric electro-pop from Birmingham artist O’Halloran in the latest release ‘Future (Sooner)’.

Following the debut single ‘Not to Script’ (plus a stripped-back version), this latest tune (and the artist’s sophomore effort) is a steady-building melodic dance track crafted alongside main collaborator Nath Brooks.

Opening with an echoey dreamlike distortion, the tune blends an upbeat tempo, woozy synths and thumping percussion over its 3 minute 26 second runtime. O’Halloran’s smooth and soaring vocals are backed with a pounding beat as he sings of finding his way after hard times and looking forward to what’s next..
“I can see my future / You’re in it”

Speaking more on the lyrical content, the artist revealed: “..all past decisions you made to lead you to this point. Now in a positive frame of mind you wish you did that sooner. Now you can see a happier future, a brighter one, surrounding yourself with the people you want and in surroundings you want to be in.”

At a time when we’re all questioning what the future holds for us, this track articulates that next step lyrically – framed by a vibrant summery soundscape to escape into. A jittery nervous anticipation that’s sure to be relatable. So turn it up and jump right in.