Filled with atmospheric tension yet with the sonically electrifying quality of an 80s pop-rock anthem, new single “Manipulator” from sensational musical chameleon Oliver Marson is a wonderfully climatic take on the deceitful nature of the ruling class. 

Beginning with echoing waves of cascading guitar and racing percussion creating a sense of urgency and exhilaration there’s a definitive anthemic feel to this track as the influence of artists such as Drab Majesty can be heard in the reverb-soaked guitar chords. This thrilling rhythm combined with Oliver Marson’s echoing vocals narrating the impending doom of the country’s brain-washed inhabitants creates a dystopian feel to the track that makes it thoroughly engaging. There’s a delightfully theatrical and almost comical aspect to “Manipulator” and how Oliver Marson paints such a vivid and exaggerated character with his instrumentals and lyricism, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in his music.  

Oliver Marson’s brilliantly metaphorical lyricism such as “we’re sleep walking with the loonies at the wheel” and “they fall like dominos” only further animates the track and brings its story to life even more.

There’s real character to “Manipulator” and its charming to see so clearly how Marson has drawn inspiration from politicians, film characters and musicians alike to form a song that encapsulates the absurd reality of the current real-life political climate. This gift to weave different elements of sound together to create a cohesively encapsulating track with a clear message is portrayed perfectly in “Manipulator” leaving me excited to hear what Oliver Marson has in store for us next.