We review the new single from One Flew Over – Liar Liar

Irish duo One Flew Over make a deliciously dark debut with their first single – ‘Liar Liar’ released earlier this month.

Formed in 2019, the project brings together session vocalist Irene Ni Chuinn and multi-instrumentalist Martin Quinn in a song-writing partnership born after meeting through County Meath’s JAM recording studios. Combining elements of rock, soul and classic rhythm and blues – this initial offering from the pair takes on a distinctly 60’s noir flavour. Reminiscent perhaps of artists like Adele or Amy Winehouse in the blue-eyed soul genre.

Opening with a commanding bluesy bassline, there’s a clear moody quality from the off and this guides the track’s tone throughout. Ni Chuinn’s slow and silky vocals in the verses sync effortlessly with the creeping pace of the song.

With lyrics weaving a tale of deception, betrayal and ultimately comeuppance through the clever use of evocative clichés and old adages – the chorus sees the addition of a Hammond B3 organ adding to that 60s vibe as the flourishing string arrangement breathes an air of cinematic soundtrack to the number.

Liar liar / Playing with fire / Roll the dice until the game is won / Fool me mould me / You better watch out for me / I’ll be on the side lines when you come undone”

Laced with “cloak and dagger” mystery, this track tells of love-gone-bad and getting one’s just desserts – but as the duo’s name suggests this could just drive you to madness in the end. Regardless, the combination of deceit, revenge and rhythm and blues makes for a slow yet undeniably smooth debut.