We review the new single from onedaybear – Swim (ODB Remix)

Taking inspiration from influences as wide ranging as Madchester and classical Greek mythology, this track launches onedaybear’s solo career with a bang.

Drawing on the rich musical heritage of Manchester since moving there in 2010, he has been part of serval projects over the last decade. However, having thrown off the shackles that come with being part of a band, he has flourished, and with Swim, has produced a unique and enthralling sound for himself.

The faint, echoing vocals and the bed of post-punk inspired instrumentals that sit atop all come together to create a distinctly haunting vibe from start to finish in this track. It’s hard to identify any real verses or choruses, instead of relying on subtle changes to its pace and power to keep you constantly engrossed as it’s sounds seem to sway and encircle you.

The core of the song is a tale older than any musical influences he can gain from Manchester. After hearing the legend of the haunting and emotional tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, he decided to take it and reimagine it as happening in today’s world. Perhaps a head full of idea about of being trapped amongst the dead for all eternity in the underworld goes some way to explaining how he gets such enchanting darkness into his sound.

Basically, what ondaybear has created here is a modern-day version of a fairy tale, complete with everything the modern day seemingly needs. It’s a captivating sound to compliment the captivating tale he is telling beneath it, and it all comes together wonderfully to create what is a truly brilliant piece of music. This may only be his first track, but he is certainly one to be watched closely.