We review the new single from Opal Skies – Inside 

Despite their high praise within the rock community, ‘Inside’ is calmly poetic in lyrics. The London-based quintet certainly know how to crash drums with impact. This single is the first out of a promised five, set to be released across the year. ‘Inside’ stands as an observation of suffering represented by metal guitar riffs and repeated desperation. 

Forming in 2019, their new-found intensity poses a new phase for the band, a political stance and a personal insight into the band’s future intentions. ‘Inside’ offers escapism, a fight or flight. You can scream along with it or put your earphones in and run away from the societal forces around you. The self-production of ‘Inside’ layers the track with even more personality. After the first verse, there is a subtle haunting sound before the reciprocal lyrics of wishing for more kick in, adding to the unnerving listening experience of instability and pain. The single artwork is a monochromatic vision.

The merging of two faces, similar to the famous tragedy and comedy theatre masks which offers a metaphorical summary that Opal Skies narrate. The psychological battle of being within two states of mind, is a refreshing and topical contribution to this musical genre which is sure to be well-received.