We review the new single from Osprey – Tantrum

Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Osprey bring plenty of hard rock sensibilities, both young and old. 

Immediately there’s a palpable sense of familiarity from Tantrum for any fans of modern-day rock. Crunchy guitars and drum beats that don’t blow the doors off, but absolutely demand the respect of the listener. It’s a very safe affair but as far as fledgling musicians go, it’s not a bad thing at all. 

There are far less original and worse produced bands out there, and Osprey stands at the centre of their contemporaries. wearing influences on their sleeves and putting their knowledge and clear familiarity with song writing and production to good use. 

Props have to be given to each individual member across the board, with each instrument, and of course the vocals, functioning and working harmoniously to make a solid track that’s full of energy and emotion. The drums are a solid arrangement full of those small beats within a beat that shows experience. It keeps it from sounding like a lesser drummer who would stick to the beat and do nothing beyond that. 

The same can be said for the lead guitar which has a nice twang and an appealing crunchiness to it. The bass is subtle, but definitely there, adding the crucial undertones that, if absent, would leave the song sounding slightly hollow and a little tinny. Even though the bass is hidden by the more pronounced elements to a degree, it actually makes up the backbone of the song, arguably more than the drums. Where the drums continually contain flourishes and those break offs into a fancy extra beat, and the guitar takes a the spotlight in a nice solo towards the back half. The bass keeps the consistency and rhythm which would have the Tantrum falling to pieces without. 

The vocals and lyrics, naturally, go hand in hand. The front woman of Osprey does a stand up job, holding notes where necessary and bringing an attitude to Tantrum that really sells the mood. It’s a definite step up from their debut single Gemini, with the vocals lacking an after effect present of the older track. It’s a much cleaner sound and one that’s definitely to Osprey’s benefit, giving off a much easier to listen to style. 

Tantrum as a song, is an expression of those darker moments that we all go through. Expressing feelings of frustration, anger, and general upset the subject of the song is experiencing. This is reinforced by the instrumental portions of the track that just sell the attitude and mood even better. 

As a third single, it’s clear that Osprey are still finding their footing and fine-tuning that particular sound, one that will set them apart and give them some real identity. But Tantrum, when compared to Gemini and Opportunity, there’s a clear growth and learning curve happening. But without a doubt, Osprey are moving in the right direction and are sure to continue their fast rise on both the local and international circuit.