We Review The New Single From Paul Go – Egg Fried Noodles

As uplifting as it is melodic, this new track from Paul Go, released to coincide with World Mental Health Day, dives into the everyday difficulties of living under the stress of mental health issues.

Rather than a dark journey into the depths of despair though, it acts as more of a warm arm around the shoulder, reassuring you, letting you know you are not alone.

Choosing to focus on the resilience and strength people show every day, Egg Fried Noodles is packed full of compassion, topped off with simple, heartfelt lyrics which blend beautifully into the light and glittering instrumentals.

The real stripped back, acoustic sound he has chosen for this track compliments it’s content wonderfully, and feels like a truly genuine effort to comfort anyone who may need it.

You can feel that the subject is something close to him, and it’s rare to hear such a connection and passion for such a difficult subject come through so divinely in music.

He doesn’t preach, he simply tells a story, and sometimes that’s exactly what is needed. A superbly crafted, beautifully understanding piece of music.