There’s a hopeful optimism baked into Peacock Method’s delivery, with their music keeping a light and gentle rhythm throughout. It was their intent upon forming, that they’d provide joy to the tired and hopeless masses returning to the real world post covid. Making it their mission to produce upbeat and joyful music in a world that isn’t the same as it once was, with everything on a downward spiral even now. 

Their new single, ‘I Provide’, is no different. It’s a gentle harmonic symphony of laid-back guitars, soothing crooning, and a hopeful outlook within its lyrics. There’s a stoic patience to the whole song, with lyrics that are ruthlessly honest as they lay bare feelings. 

Starting with the instruments, we have the usual array of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. Sticking to solid fundamentals and not trying to be flashy, preferring to stick to a solid foundation and work with the simple elements. It’s a great base to work from and shows a real admiration for Titans of Indie Rock in the way it uses these elements. 

There is a multitude of little moments throughout where the guitars almost feel like a jam session rather than a thought-out and rehearsed track, and this is to the song’s benefit. One moment is during the bridge where the bass is all that’s left along with the vocals and it’s like sitting in on a moment where inspiration just took hold. It’s these moments that help define ‘I Provide’ as a song, letting these little bursts take hold and show a fluidity to it all that takes that easygoing feel to the next level. 

As far as the lyrics go, they’re this thoughtful and understanding discussion. Told from a one-sided perspective, they cover a multitude of emotions and let out an honest look into the singer’s psyche. With talk of ‘the feelings I provide’, being the centre of it all. It’s very poetic and does take a very realistic look at love and the tumultuous nature of it, whilst keeping a hopeful outlook to it all. 

And that’s about where ‘I Provide’ leaves the listener, with a wistful outlook on the world of relationships and such. Leaving an easy-listening earworm for the audience to sit with for a while. It’s extremely hopeful, without being saccharine or over the top. It hits that nice, even ground of just the right level of everything, leaving it extremely open and accessible for listeners of all genres.