We review the new single from Peacock Method – Your Faith

A fast-paced gallop of drums race and before you know it, you’re straight into the brand-new single from one of Manchester’s freshest indie-punk outfits Peacock Method, ‘Your Faith’. 

Their third single to date, the band seems to go from strength to strength with each release in showing off their musicality. We’re given way more energy and pertinacity in this release. It shows an extra edge to their music that wasn’t present in their first two releases (‘Slowly’ and ‘I Don’t Mind’).

There’s no clear chantable chorus to scream along to, with a defined structure not clearly present. The song seems to churn its way through with an element of subtlety, and before you know it you’ve reached a dead end, and the heavily reverberated tones disappear.

I think when it comes to fleeting post-punk-esque tracks like this it often comes down to the vocals for make or break. Whilst the melodies in ‘Your Faith’ don’t hit as instant earworms that you would never forget, the elusive and understated tone is something a lot easier to remember.

If you’re still yet to have caught Peacock Method live, then I’d certainly give them a chance now. I’m sure you’ll find them on plenty more line-ups across the Manchester scene in the very near future.