We Review The New Single From Peak Low – Caught In The Middle

Derbyshire’s Peak Low combines the delicacy of post-punk rhythms with dream-pop leads in his new track, Caught In The Middle.

From the instant, you press play you’re absorbed into the groovy bass with a heavy Cure influence. The vocals have a delicate high-pitched indie feel to them familiar with a lot of 2010’s UK indie bands.

The vocals happily mix with the variety of keyboard lead riffs that have a soothing 80s/90s pop feel to them and send the track off in many directions.

The bridge changes the song completely with fuzzy guitars, deeper vocals, and sonically explorative synths. It’s the perfect break in the song to bring us back to the upbeat chorus. The title of the track will be stuck in your end by the end of it.

It’s the vocals that will stick with you the most and that’s not to discredit the exciting instrumentation that does the song justice, but Peak Low’s smooth and heavenly sounds carry the lyrics and general theme of the son so well.

It’s a track that takes influences old and new with warm production and is an instant indie bop. Peak Low more like when will he reach his peak!