We review the new single from PEAK LOW – The Ghost In Me

Whilst not quite discernible at a first glance, The Ghost In Me is a much darker and more disturbing track than it may appear. But despite this, there is a light to be found in that darkness. 

From the very start, the listener is met with some of the most intense cerebral sounds quite possibly ever put to record. First and foremost the use of synth is exquisite, with a cinematic and grandiose sound that’s utterly awe inspiring. Even in an age of over saturation of synth within various musical genres, PEAK LOW manages to bring something that carries an x-factor that can’t quite be nailed down. The delicacy and striking nature of it is something to really write home about, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The guitars are a different beast altogether, yet manage to compliment everything else greatly. They’re coupled with the drums as the muscle of the song, adding the throaty, deep notes that hold the track together. And yet like the synth, they’re unique sounding. Falling somewhere between indie, punk, and garage, there’s an almost off kilter sound to them which adds to The Ghost In Me’s otherworldly nature. 

Lastly comes the final keystone in the track, and that is the vocal performance of PEAK LOW himself. They’re these dangerously delicate high notes that are so close to cracking and yet stand unshaken in the face of such a grand track. It’s with this angelic inspired performance that the lyrics begin to give way to the darker side of the track mentioned earlier. 

PEAK LOW speaks of his upbringing on this track, one that was filled with indoctrination and near cult like dogma in a Jehovah’s Witness household. It’s from this experience that comes The Ghost In Me, and the theming of the track itself. Detailing the experiences of childhood, and the escape from that, the ghost is that of PEAK LOW’s own childhood self. And with the closing lyrics of, “go and live free”, it’s clear that this track is the catharsis that has been reached. 

The Ghost In Me is powerful in ways that are difficult to describe, and doubly so once the story behind the song has been revealed. But it’s also one that is beautiful and full of hope by the conclusion. By drawing from personal experience, and one that is no doubt a hard one to draw from at that, PEAK LOW has gifted the world a beautiful serenade to his childhood self.