We Review the New Single from Perfectparachutepicture – It’s Broken

Perfectparachutepicture have been pushing the boundaries of a 2-piece rock band since 2013, and the evolution continues with the new single ‘It’s Broken’.

Earlier singles like They Only Want’ in the summer of 2020 rumbled, thick-bottomed and singable, with a distinct post-punk vibe. Recently the guitar tones have become more prominent in Edward James’ split-and-distorted bass, the highs more grating and insistent. Kyle Ernest is a drummer of substantial power, but also a sensitive lyricist. 

Perfectparachutepicture (PPP) is always thematically dark, and ‘It’s Broken’ is no exception. While this summer’s nihilistic anthem Silhouette explored broad masculine despair, here Ernest is specific and personal. Speaking to a loved one who wreaks destruction without a thought, he points insistently toward the damage done, forcing responsibility and reckoning.

While less danceable and melodic than earlier work, ‘It’s Broken’ moves PPP into deeper water. The tiny threads of synths hangs tight to the mountainous drums. And when the song reaches its closureless ending, you realize it isn’t about the pleasure of loud noises. It’s the rage of betrayal you feel when someone ought to care, but doesn’t.