We Review The New Single From Philly D – Bad Man Party (Feat. Floki)

Liverpool-based artist Philly D presents his energetic track with lashings of hip-hop and reggae with the help of Floki.

This latest collaboration, Bad Man Party is a mixture of heritage influence, dual-creativity, and the energy the studio sessions bring out of the artists.

The instrumentals are consistent with wailing and delayed lead vocal transcending throughout the track. If the vocal delivery from Philly D wasn’t so energetic this sample would certainly be of some distraction.

At the same time, this sample fits the drill stylings of Philly D and creates an ominous environment for the vocals. The delivery of this trap genre is complemented by the ferocity in Philly D’s voice, it’s a quality drill track.

The drum patterns are both subtle but each beat has a feeling of force behind them. What the track lacks to match this is the bass not being heavy enough. If this is a track filled with energy, we don’t want the instruments burning out. Cranking up the bass to match the force of the drums would add more fire to Philly D’s words.

Floki’s reggae-style contribution adds flare to Bad Man Party where it may otherwise have fallen flat. His verse delivery is catchy and gives the sound a bounce.

It’s a track with fire and vision but lacks in its full instrumental delivery. I think to set himself apart, Philly D needs to amp everything up to match his well-delivered verses.