plastic heart your mind


Plastic Heart, the alt/indie female-fronted band hailing from the outskirts of Manchester, has unveiled their debut single “Your Mind”. The track effortlessly introduces the band’s unique sound while leaving listeners eager for more. Comprising Liv Alara on bass, Loz Riley on drums, Jason Shenton on rhythm guitar, Zak Hadfield on lead guitar, and Naomi Schofield on vocals, Plastic Heart is managed by the experienced Sam Gosling of Stylish Riot.

With influences spanning from Wolf Alice to the Cranberries, the band aims to carve a distinct niche in the Manchester music scene with their combination of infectious riffs, dynamic percussion, and captivating vocals.

“Your Mind” serves as the perfect introduction to Plastic Heart’s sonic world. The song beautifully melds elements of alt-pop and indie rock, effectively encapsulating the band’s musical identity. From the opening chords, it’s evident that Plastic Heart possesses a keen sense of melodic prowess.

The listener is immediately drawn into the track by the catchy guitar riffs and tight rhythm section, setting the stage for Naomi Schofield’s mesmerizing vocals.

plastic heart your mind

Naomi Schofield’s voice is undoubtedly one of the standout features of “Your Mind”. Her vocals carry an ethereal quality, capable of conveying both vulnerability and strength. The Cranberries’ influence becomes apparent in Schofield’s ability to infuse emotion into her singing, creating a compelling and resonant connection with the listener.

As the song progresses, her vocals soar alongside the instrumentation, forming a harmonious balance that never overwhelms the mix.

The instrumental components of “Your Mind” exhibit Plastic Heart’s aptitude for crafting a cohesive and engaging sonic landscape. Liv Alara’s basslines provide a solid foundation, intertwining seamlessly with Loz Riley’s rhythmic drum patterns. Then, the combination of Jason Shenton’s rhythm guitar and Zak Hadfield’s lead guitar work adds depth and texture to the track, creating an enveloping atmosphere that complements the song’s lyrical themes.

Lyrically, “Your Mind” delves into relatable subject matter that explores personal emotions and experiences. The song’s lyrics tackle introspection and self-discovery, inviting listeners to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. This thematic depth is well-matched by the music’s expressive tones, resulting in a track that is not only catchy but also emotionally resonant.

To sum up, Plastic Heart’s debut single serves as a promising harbinger of their potential. “Your Mind” confidently showcases the band’s ability to merge various influences into a distinctive sound that is both accessible and impactful.

So with its infectious melodies, heartfelt vocals, and skilled instrumentation, “Your Mind” captures the essence of Plastic Heart’s artistic vision, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what they have in store for the future.