We review the new single from Playground Circus – Tidal Wave

There’s something about pop-punk and American rock that make them instantly recognisable. Whether it’s the simple yet catchy guitar riffs or the adolescent angst-charged vocals, it’s not always that easy to put your finger on it but you can always recognise it when you hear it.

It won’t take you long to catch on to it in Playground Circus’ brand new single ‘Tidal Wave’.

Explaining the song, Playground Circus said ‘’this song is probably the quickest song we ever wrote. From start to end everything worked perfectly. John wrote most of it in an afternoon. The same day I (El) added some lead parts and the next day finished synth arrangements and the day after that John mixed the whole thing. Simple as that! When inspiration strikes, magic can happen.’’.

This London rock duo bring us three and a half minutes of classic pop-punk. If someone told you that this track came out in the mid-2000s then you’d make absolutely no question about it.

Whilst this is impressive for the pair to replicate such an iconic and well-produced sound, you could also argue it becomes the track’s downfall. Undoubtedly, the song has memorable licks and infectious energy, but I’m not sure if it really feels fresh or original. I think if you’re going to make music belonging to such an iconic genre then you have to challenge yourself and ask what you can do to still make it yours. It feels like there’s a missing twist that would make you instantly understand that it is Playground Circus when you hear it.

This doesn’t mean to say it isn’t an enjoyable listen, I just think Playground Circus probably have a lot more in their locker that they could show us to make a bigger stamp on things.

Nevertheless, future efforts they may make do not take away from the spirit of this tune, and you can give it a listen to find out what you make of it.

Let us know what you think!